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If you want to enjoy your favourite beaches days… explore Brighton Bayside. Totally gave and just a short good ways from the beach, our excess lofts are inside the centre of the legend Brighton Bayside. In the occasion that you’ve not the scarcest piece tried for rental beforehand, prepare to be changed over. If you have, by then you’ll be stunned basically how parts you get while you pick our indulgence space comfort. Better than any of Melbourne Hotel/Short live lofts which you won’t want to leave!

Book your favourite luxurious apartment now!

Whether or not you’re setting off to the Sandringham, Elwood Hampton, also Brighton hotels for large business or amusement, our beachside accommodation is the perfect method to value the high-gauge that the spot needs to give.

Welcome the whole of the open doors that balanced living courses of action need to give in our quiet boutique private structure. Perfect for float of relative’s trips or the performance stays, all you have only hardly any greatest minutes as in from prestigious bistros, eating places, films, shops, rec focuses to say the least, inferring, which you are never going to be the short of exercises.

Brighton settles towards Phillip Port Bay’s incredible coastline. On that Brighton, has been arranged just a little ways from CBD Melbourne by teach, allowing up the chance to acknowledging cosmopolitan sort of way of life neighbourhood individuals love and know easily. Our guests get praised WIFI additionally get segment to the Health Brighton inns or Club Baths.

Our Integrity:

All we have here is that visitors can experience flawless coastlines, wonderful feign peak walks, the foreshore cruiser trail, interesting buying towns with agreeable bistros and staggering settlement or eating places. Fairways, yachts, clubs, and nature holds and in excess of 40 parks are spotted for the length of the area. There are a couple of significant estates similarly as the enduring Brighton Middle Beach washing compartments which return in year 1862. Things being what they are, the reason would it be advisable for us to settle for any lodging while you can live in own stand-out private, large, exorbitant townhouse!

At the lofts of Brighton Bay, we desire to cook for your necessities – paying little mind to what they might be. Regardless of whether you looks for a colossal of Brighton hotels, extravagance convenience with more than one rooms or something smaller to facilitate a more diminutive social event, we’ve been certain for having definitely what you’re looking out.

Standard Apartments:

Roomy two room, lavatory cushions, with both a porch and display. Full kitchen, unwind/relax territory and dress.

Exclusive Apartments:

Bigger two and three room homes with two washrooms, numerous with the diverse report, excessive embellishments and either immense yard or giant shade.

Our Locations:

Our Apartments have been arranged in bayside one rural areas of Melbourne or the Brighton, just with 18-minutes to teach, even significant accommodation in Hampton less by means of vehicle, all from CBD.