What To Know About Single Wall Coffee Cups


If you are someone who is in the business of owning a coffee shop or you are going to be in the business well then this article will be an important asset for your business and your customers. You see someone who is new to this business will always be looking out for their customer’s wellbeing plus also the environment.

 The thing is there is more to it when you are considering coffee cups. First of all you would need to understand the difference between few coffees cups such as disposable paper cups, double wall coffee cups and triple wall coffee cups. There are few things that you need to understand before you buy off cups and here we will tell you few things that can distinguish between the three types as mentioned before.

 Single wall coffee cups

 When you think of buying or getting the biodegradable coffee cup made with single wall, you will be getting a cup which will have one layer of wall that will make up the whole body of cup. However, they may seem something like the quality is nothing, on the contrary we can assure you that they are rather steady as they are made of paper which is of food grade quality meaning it is better.

 These cups made of single wall can last a long time also no matter what liquid is poured into them.  The thing is using single wall the cup might not prevent the heat insulation that much however, it can withstand any liquid but for coffee we would say that depending on the manufacturer it may or may resist heat that much.

 Double wall coffee cups

 With double wall you will have the protection against the heat that is produced by the coffee and this is the standard for many restaurants however it will consume more paper and may affect the environment more as compared to single wall coffee cups.

Of course with using a lot of material you will have the option to print anything on them however, as mentioned you will also be affecting the environment with it.

 Triple wall coffee cups

 Now if you are worried about the protection of your customer’s hand well then going with triple wall can be the answer that you are looking for. With this you will have to pay more and yes, it will insulate heat even better however, as we mentioned it will still be affecting the environment as more paper is being used to manufacture it.

 So with knowing all the differences we can see which type is more suitable and well if you are looking for something like this, visit us at nicma.co.nz and explore many options that we have for you.