6 Benefits To Import Cars From USA To Australia



There are many reasons to import cars from USA to Australia.

Variety of options:

There is a variety of options to buy a car. If you want to buy a classic car, the options of selection would be ten times more. That is the biggest reason to import cars from the USA to Australia.

Secure payment:

There is no way of negligence as there is a proper and secure method of payment to the seller when you have to collect the car. It’s the same as cash on delivery or through a bank account.

High packing system:

High-value service with steel packing system will be provided to avoid damage to the vehicle and this makes a good reason to import cars from the USA to Australia.


Delivery to door:

There is no need to worry about delivery. Just you have to give a proper address to the seller and enjoy the best service to get the door-to-door delivery right across Australia.


Full insurance is available in case of any damage due to an accident or any other reason.

Money savage:

It is the best way to save money by importing cars from the USA to Australia. Direct import saves money.

The process to import a car from the USA to Australia:

First of all, you have to select the car of your choice then you have to contact with recommended dealer or broker, make a pre-purchase report and then try to negotiate the purchase. There is no hidden cost of import. There is a proper depot to depot then depot to door and door to door import with full risk insurance. Australia and America have a trade contract that allows Australians to get imported products including cars and trucks from America.

There is a variety of shipping options to import cars from the USA to Australia.. Six of them are discussed here.

  1. Shared container services to all major Australian ports. It costs less.
  2. Roll on and off services of shipping that covers all the major ports in the USA and Australia.
  3. Option of inland transport with secure payment.
  4. Asbestos testing 
  5. Quarantine approved cleaning
  6. A custom packing system makes sure that your vehicle is loaded and unloaded safely.

The best way to eliminate the stress is by having a third party that ensures the safety of your vehicle from start to end. This allows a very competitive shipping service for both roll-on roll-off and shipping in containers as well.

What is the import duty on cars to import from the USA to Australia?

5% is payable as import duty on cars as 10% is paid as a GST taxable importation. One thing that should note is that if your car arrives from America to Australia without an import permit, it cannot pass through borders and will be ordered to re-export. Import approval is a must to import cars from the USA to Australia.