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Benefits of using wooden shavings  animal bedding

Wood shavings provide an affordable absorptive bedding alternative this is effortless to be had and comparatively clean to smooth up. Pine shavings provide a completely unique fragrant odor way to its herbal odor-soaking up oils, however, it’s also antibacterial and has ammonia-lowering properties. The kiln drying method our wooden is going by eliminates extra moisture, making the shavings greater absorbent however additionally outcomes the preliminary weight of the product. Non-kilned dried wooden shavings could be heavier and consequently bring about much less product in every bale.

why choosing us

Animal bedding shaving produces dried softwood and not using a hardwood content material our shavings arrive prepared and furnished in compressed bales and are to be had in bulk shopping for options. They are durable and unfastened from pathogens.  they’re ideal to be used in equine bedding, and different animal bedding.

Chicken Bedding Guide

Chicken bedding Australia not only permits your chickens to locate the comfort of their very own home, but it also can be used for different purposes. The proper bedding will soak up unpleasant smells from the chickens in your flock that don’t understand the use of a toilet   

Bedding options  for Chickens

Chicken bedding Australia provides a different option for chicken bedding so you can take the best decision

pine Shavings

Pine shavings are a huge preference for outdoor farmers over the other alternatives due to ease of cleaning. Shavings also are excellent at soaking up awful smells, so the use of that is an incredibly easy and clean technique for upkeep.

Reasons to pick out pine shavings:

Eliminating awful smells –

Cleanliness –



While straw is some other favorite technique of bedding for many, the blessings of straw are:



Relatively cheap


Sand is a huge favorite of outdoor farmers with a bit greater time on their hands. It has to live withinside the coop longer than straw however has comparable homes such as a bent to odor quite awful.

The advantages of the use of sand for fowl bedding are:

Easy to locate

Dust baths

Litter removal

Chickens are amazingly serving us in many ways. They give us eggs and meat. We can raise them by providing them with proper bedding. For more information call us today: