If you are among those; who want to enjoy a well-manicured lawn look, but don’t want to bother daily plant care, then DIY Synthetic grass- guide could be the best option for you. Artificial grass, inevitably proves itself in a variety of ways, like in a short growing season, you may enjoy the beautiful look of your lawn. Secondly, you don’t need to invest in pesticides, chemicals, and fertilizers to nourish your garden. Moreover, in rainy seasons you can enjoy your lawn with your kids and pets, as synthetic grass can dry quickly. No doubt after reading these pros you want to install the synthetic grass in your garden, but what if, you can do it by yourself. So, we are presenting the best guide for synthetic grass installation. 


First of all, you need to clean your garden from the existing grass or weeds, and sod cutter is recommended.

  • Dig out your lawn, at a minimum depth of 5’’, this is suggested to collaborate your base material with your turf.
  • Install solid borders of the same warranty as your turf. Polypropylene wood-flexed or curbing bender boards are best because they offer a similar strength as the turf.
  • Consider water flow and drainage in mind during this process and rake out the land evenly according to your desired contours.
  • To make the surface hard compact it several times by vibrating plate compactor. But before this slightly wet the entire surface.
  • Set the leveling layer of decomposing granite at an average depth of 1’’, and then dig it to your desired compact as mentioned earlier.
  • Once the base is completed, use spikes, galvanized nails or landscape staples, to roll out the turf and take in place, then, according to your desired perimeter’s borders trim the turf, and we suggest carpet knife for this purpose.
  • To check that if the pipes have not been punctured and sprinkler heads are capped turn on the irrigation.
  • Evenly distribute the silica sand to lend weight equally to the synthetic turf. For this use drop spreader, like those used to distribute fertilizers, by this, you will prevent the expansion of your lawn.
  • Clean up the swimming pools and planter areas and from the surrounding sweep all the infills materials


It’s better to do some research when you are planning to install some artificial grass to your home, make the best planning that worth your time and investment. Synthetic grass could be the best option for you, if you want to give your garden an alluring and the eye-catching look. If you are planning to do it by yourself then this is obvious you will be suffering a lot initially. But, once you do it by yourself then you might be proficient enough to tackle the trickiest challenges like ensuring the edges and have a perfect hand for cuttings and trimming. Since, experience might have a big impact on the overall finishing of the grass.