How To Get Rid Of Pigeons That Nest Under Solar Panels


All birds look for refuge from sun predators and the rain. They look for a safer place so that they can raise and nest their younger ones without risk or inconvenience. Pigeons usually look for artificial facilities as safe shelters and solar panels.  Most of the time pigeons set in under the solar panels which are one of the most ideal places to nest.

The growing demand for solar panels in homes and businesses in Yorkshire has led to an increase in the number of pest control doors related to pigeons. Read on to find out how to get rid of pigeons nested under solar panels. The best idea to get rid of this situation is to get a solar panel mesh.

Why do birds nest under solar panels?

Solar panels provide an attractive place to find pigeons for shelter and a safe place to nest. The roof is hidden under the protective cover of solar panels, which protects birds from elements and predators. Pigeons will quickly discover that the roof with solar panels is an ideal place to nest and raise their young.

Why is it a problem to nest birds?

Pests to choose a roof space as a new home can cause some problems:

  • Damage to the roof or the installation of solar panels
  • Health risks due to the spread of diseases caused by feathers and pigeon faeces
  • Blockage of pipes and gutters due to waste such as feathers and nesting materials.
  • Significant noise of birds moving around the roof and constant calls of little birds
  • If you see signs of bird infection, professional pest control should be eliminated.

How not to let the pigeons overlap on the roof?

Pigeons can find food sources almost everywhere looking for nesting sites near food sources. Here are some steps you can take to avoid problems with birds.

  • If the roof is kept clean and especially with a flat roof, makes sure there is no food
  • Keep your garden and construction area clean and free of food waste or scrap.
  • To prevent pigeons from using them as nesting materials, clean garden materials such as branches and leaves near your property.
  • Do not store pet food outside, store it in a sealed container if necessary
  • Do not leave garbage bags outside and make sure the lids are securely attached to the containers.

What to do when the pigeon is nested under the solar panel

If you have trouble nesting an unpleasant bird on the roof, or if you recently installed solar panels and are looking for a way to avoid problems with pigeons, you should take corrective action for the solar panel birds.

Pest control experts can advise on the best way to deal with the problem of the human landing gear used in the industry, including the installation of bird nests, spring cables or spikes designed to prevent pigeons from accessing the solar panel mesh. Click here for more info on pigeon spikes Melbourne.