All About Australiana Fabric Print Birds And Its Creativity


Textile printing is the application of different colours in specific patterns and patches to the fabric. The colours are bound properly to the fabric to maintain the texture of your cloth. Different instruments are used to the intricate colourful motif. These patterns can be geometric, floral and you can even print animals or birds’ shapes on your fabric according to your choice. In printing, colour is applied in the form of a paste which is followed by fixation, heating and washing if excess colour.

Fabric designer

The designers make innovative and creative designs for the fabrics that attract clients. Fabric designers not only make your clothes, Australiana quilting fabric and home decor hangings beautiful but also make it economical. They are specialized for this task and they know which material is to be used and how to create geometric, floral or bird patterns. certain software and machines are available that assist in drawing the designs. These fabric designers are providing their online service and their outlet is also available to buy the desired design of the fabric.

Transference of motive to the fabric

Specific techniques are used to transfer the motive from your mind to the fabric. These include knitting, embroidery, painting, printing, and tracing. The choice of the method depends upon the thickness and stiffness of your material. Major ways for transferring the embroidery pattern to your fabric are as follows:

Tracing method: it is the easiest method for light coloured smooth fabrics. In this, the designer traces the pattern over the paper and then starts on fabric

Transfer method: in this method pattern is directly design on to the fabric with the help of iron on pencils or pens is used.

Stabilizer method:  products like sticky fabric Solvi facilitate the transference of motives to the textured fabric. You can get this material in different sizes, in the form of rolls or sheets.

While the majors’ ways for textile printing are as follows:

Block printing: this printing is done by the use of wooden blocks on which a design is carved.

Roller printing: in these rollers are used to print crafts on long fabrics

Screen printing: this can be done by hand or by using machines. In this technique, cloth is placed and glued to a specific position and on this required design is printed with the help of screens made.


Printed innovative fabrics are always appealing for human beings especially women. Everyone is looking for new and different artistic layouts. One of them is the printing of birds on the fabric. These patterns are popular all over the world. There are certain fabric companies are providing these types of bird prints. Kennard & Kennard Fabrics is a fabric store that brings happiness in your life with fabrics. They are giving their services in Australia and Sydney is an important figure in the textile industry. They are famous for supplying top quality designs and artistic crafts to the client.