Cakes From All Over The World


A dessert that makes an integral part of all celebrations is the cake. A delicious cake with eye-catching decorations according to the event and the theme can make your day a special on. From birthdays to special festivals to wedding cakes Auckland are essential for all kinds of celebrations. There are several different versions of cakes that are popular in different parts of the world. These cakes have unique recipes, unique styles of décor and unique flavors. Some of the popular types of cakes that are traditional in a particular region are as follows: 

  1. Cheesecake from Greece

Cheesecake is one of the most popular cakes all over the world. It is available all over the globe. This amazing delicacy comes from the Greek confectioners. The cheesecake originated back in 2000 BC in a small island called Samos. It was one of the delicacies that were served during the early Olympics. The first-ever of this event was reported in 776 BC. The purpose of serving this was to give a high dose of energy to the players through the rich addition of cheese to it.

  1. Pavlova from New Zealand and Australia

Something very interesting about this cake is that though it belongs to the island areas of Australia and New Zealand the name comes from the Russian dancer Anna Pavlova. She once visited New Zealand and was greeted with this yummy delight. Shelled in the crispy meringue shell, there is a soft interior made up of marshmallows. The colorful garnishing with juicy fruits makes t further tasty and mouthwatering.


  1. Galette Des Rois from France

France is not just the home of fashion but it is equally commendable for being the home of mouthwatering delights. One of the signature desserts of France is this amazing cake Galette Des Rois. It means the cake of kings. Initially, it was served after Christmas. Gradually the taste became so popular that the cake became a popular dessert all around the year. The core ingredients of this cake are the puff pastry, powdered sugar, and almond cream. The toasted look of the cake is a distinguishing feature of the dessert. The kids love to have it on their special days because of some hidden treat inside.


  1. Mooncake from China

The cake gets its name from the time of serving. The cake was an integral dessert for the Moon Festival. The cake is usually offered to the loved ones as a token of wishing good luck. They are round in shape and filled with red beans and lotus seed paste. It is then covered with the thin crust that includes the yolks from the duck eggs.


  1. Tres Leches Cake from Mexico

It is hard to stop yourself after taking the first slice of the soft and spongy Tres Leches Cake. It is a cake that is rich in milk. Three different types of milk are used in making the cake. Besides the fresh milk, the cake also includes evaporated milk and condensed milk. The butter sponge base is added with three milk types and finally, it is garnished with meringue or whipped cream. It has a very soft texture and a very unique taste that makes it stand out from the other milk-based cakes.